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Packaging System Chocolate

Wrapping system for chocolate products with lane arrangement

System for the transfer of chocolate products from a processing plant and fully automatic distribution to several packaging machines. The entire product flow is divided into several lanes by deflectors and forwarded to the packaging machines.

Wrapping system for chocolate products comprising:

  • phasing conveyor for transfer of products from an intermittent working de – moulding process to a continuous working feeding and wrapping system
  • elbow conveyor for increasing of lateral product pitch
  • acceleration conveyor with lane arrangement
  • main conveyor with pneumatic gates and linear plough off devices for cross transfer of the products to the wrapping machines or buffer system
  • separating and aligning conveyor to arrange products in single lane, short side leading for feeding to the wrapping machines
  • wrapping machines to wrap products in the required wrapping style
  • buffering system and re-feed system for repeated integration of the product overflow into the wrapping process

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Packaging machines for chocolate wrapping systems

    Output (max): 1,800 products/min
    Features: High speed wrapping of jelly products and filled chocolate due to gentle product handling | Fast change of product size and / or wrapping style | High speed wrapping of complicated wrapping styles

    High performance and flexibility combined in one wrapping machine

    The continuous motion principle ensures gentle product handling at high-speed operation.

    Output (max): 1,500 products/min
    Features: Processing of recyclable mono films and paper-based packaging material | Quick change of product sizes | Quick change of sealing type between cold sealing, heat sealing and cut-off seam welding

    Modular high speed wrapping machine for chocolate products in flow packs

    The machine wraps small-sized chocolate products as well as larger chocolate bars in flow packs. The special version FPC5-Tabs is available for products made of compressed powder such as dishwasher tabs, stock cubes and effervescent tablets.

    Output (max): 900 products/min
    Features: Continuous motion principle guarantees gentle product handling and high output rates | Single-purpose machine for bunch

    High-speed wrapping machine for chocolate or products made from compressed powder in bunch

    Packaging machine for flat-bottomed products in bunch.

    Output (max): 1,200 products/min
    Features: High speed wrapping of jelly and filled chocolate through gentle product handling | Modular design enables a fast change of product size and / or wrapping style | Pick & Place feeding for products without flat bottom (balls, eggs, characters)

    Flexible high-speed wrapping machine for different packaging styles

    Flexible high-speed wrapping machine for different packaging styles.

    Output (max): 2,000 individual products/min - 120 display cartons/min
    Features: Modular system for different product sizes, output ranges, packing formations and box designs

    High-speed cartoning system for primary wrapped products

    The first cartoning system that can keep up with the high-performance machines from Theegarten-Pactec. The cartoner is specially designed for direct connection to primary packaging machines with high output. The modular design offers high flexibility for product formation with...