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Packaging of Effervescent Tablets

Up to 900 effervescent tablets per minute are packed in bunch wrapping.

A producer of compressed products was looking for a solution for high-speed wrapping of effervescent tablets in bunch wrap. Theegarten-Pactec’s product range comprises high-speed machines for this type of primary wrapping, however just for chocolates. A compressed tablet of effervescent powder creates special challenges for the packaging machine. It is more fragile and the product dust generates a high degree of contamination.

Packaging Machine EMC2

Theegarten-Pactec´s EMC2 is a high-speed Bunch wrapping machine which was designed for chocolate products. Thanks to the continuous operating principle of the machine, the products are guided through the packaging process without any change in speed. This results in a reduced impact of force on the products and therefore a gentler processing compared to discontinuous machines, where the products must decelerate before each packaging step and accelerate again afterwards. Thanks to this continuous mode of operation of the machine, even fragile products such as effervescent tablets can be packaged at an output of 900 products per minute.

Within the packaging process of compressed effervescent tablets, an increased level of contamination occurs due to product abrasion. This has been considered by completely housing the machine infeed and equipping it with connections for the integration of the customer’s own suction device.

System Integration

The EMC2 packaging machine had to be integrated into a fully automated overall system consisting of product press, primary packaging in bunch and secondary packaging of several products in tubes. Theegarten-Pactec, as the supplier of the primary packaging machine, took the project lead, since the EMC2 packaging machine linked the product press and secondary packaging. In close cooperation with the machine suppliers involved, the electronic integration of the individual machines into a complete system was realized and mechanical interfaces coordinated.

Benefits of this solution

Product gentle

Due to the continuous working principle of the EMC2, sensitive effervescent tablets are wrapped without damage.

High Performance

With up to 900 effervescent tablets packed per minute, a system in the high-performance range was supplied.

System Integration

Efficiency requires perfect interaction throughout the entire packaging workflow. Thus, the combination of our high-performance packaging machines with feeding and distribution components results in sophisticated solutions for primary packaging. And in close cooperation with suppliers of process technology (product press) and secondary packaging (tube filler), we ensure fully automatic integration into the process chain.

Any questions about this packaging solution?

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Components of this packaging solution

  • Effervescent tablets in bunch


    For compacting and packaging effervescent tablets in bunch, our packaging machine EMC can be combined with a product press.
  • Alternative for bouillons cubes in fold wrap


    For compacting and packaging bouillons cubes in fold wrap, our packaging machine BCW3 can be combined with a product press.
  • Alternative for dishwasher tabs in flow pack


    For compacting and packaging dishwasher tabs or bouillons cubes in flow packs, our packaging machine FPC5-Tabs can be combined with a product press.