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Flexible forming, cutting and wrapping machine for products in different wrapping styles

Forming, cutting and wrapping machine for hard and soft caramels, toffees, chewy sweets, chewing gum and bubble-gum products in double twist and bottom fold. Very flexible application due to quick changeover from double twist to bottom fold or vice versa as well as change of size parts, if required.

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Key Features

  • 600 wrapped products per minute
  • Double Twist, Bottom Fold
  • Cut & wrap products such as Soft Caramels, Toffees, Chewy Sweets, Chewing Gum

Machine Advantages

  • Flexibility through changeover to different wrapping styles and product sizes
  • Processing of square, rectangular or round products

Similar packaging machines

    Output (max): 1,000 products/min
    Features: Compact design at high output rate | Processing of chewing masses with varying product characteristics is guaranteed to a certain extent

    High speed forming, cutting and wrapping machine for products in different wrapping styles

    The U1 cut & wrap machine is available for the packaging styles double twist, bottom fold and side fold.

    Output (max): 600 products/min
    Features: Comic strip as inner wrapper

    Forming, cutting and wrapping machine for products in side fold with comic strip

    Special cut & wrap machine for packaging with comic strip.

    Output (max): 300 products/min
    Features: Wrapping of Krowki or Fudge in Vienna-Fruit-Fold

    Forming, cutting and wrapping machine for products in Vienna-Fruit-Fold

    Cut & wrap machine for packaging specific sugar masses (Krowki, Cream Fudge) in »Vienna-fruit« fold.

    Output (max): 350 products/min
    Features: Wrapping of soft caramel lollipops

    Forming, cutting and wrapping machine for soft caramel lollipops

    Special cutting and wrapping machine for soft caramel lollipops.

Wrapping system for soft caramels

The combination of our reliable packaging machines and various feeding and storage components allows us to offer sophisticated and customised systems for primary wrapping.

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