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Flexible Packaging System for Chocolate Products

Different Packaging Styles - Large Product Variety - One Packaging System

A moulding line installed at the customer's site produces a wide variety of products, from 100 g bars to small chocolates and pyramid-shaped products. The flexibility of the processing line was the challenge for the packaging system to be installed. All products should be packaged under high performance with a packaging system directly connected to the process equipment.

Flexible Packaging System

Theegarten-Pactec designed a tailor-made packaging system that meets the flexibility of the upstream process line. A series of conveyor stages directly connected to the process line take over the product flow and transfer it to the packaging machines. The flexibility of the system is characterized by the possibility of diverting the product flow to the different types of packaging machines as required. If the chocolate products are to be packed in flow packs, these are fed to the FPC5 packaging machine. The changeover of the processing line to small chocolate pralines also involves the redirection of the product flow to the MCC packaging machines for double twist or top twist wrapping. This configuration of the packaging system is fully automatic by recipe selection and without mechanical interventions within the individual belt stages.

Product 1 Top Twist

Ø 26.5 x 22.1 mm 10 g 800 wrapped products / min

Product 2 Double Twist

Ø 26.5 x 22.1 mm 10 g 900 wrapped products / min

Product 3 Flow Pack

156 x 75 x 8 mm 100 g 350 wrapped products / min

Product 4 Flow Pack

145 x 70 x 9.8 mm 80 g 380 wrapped products / min

Product 5 Flow Pack

77 x 77 x 8.2 mm 45 g 750 wrapped products / min

Product 6 Flow Pack

90 x 28 x 10.1 mm 22 g 710 wrapped products / min

Product 7 Flow Pack

90 x 25 x 11.7 mm 25 g 710 wrapped products / min

Product 8 Flow Pack

35 x 25 x 17.5 mm 10.5 g 1,100 wrapped products / min

The packaging machines themselves also provide customers with a high degree of flexibility. For example, the MCC can be converted to different wrapping types and product dimensions. In this case, the customer is using this flexibility to package products in double twist wrap and top twist on the MCCs. And the FPC5 form fill and seal machine enables quick changeover to different product dimensions.

Benefits of this solution


Different product dimensions and different packaging styles can be handled with only one packaging system from Theegarten-Pactec.

Security of Investment

Due to its flexibility, the system is particularly suitable for different products and folding types that are in seasonal demand. This ensures that the high capacity is utilized throughout the whole year. The possibility of integrating additional products at a later stage additionally increases investment security.


One packaging system for many different products reduces costs in investment, in the operation of the system and saves expensive production space.

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Components of this packaging solution

    Output (max): 1,500 products/min
    Features: Processing of recyclable mono films and paper-based packaging material | Quick change of product sizes | Quick change of sealing type between cold sealing, heat sealing and cut-off seam welding

    Modular high speed wrapping machine for chocolate products in flow packs

    The machine wraps small-sized chocolate products as well as larger chocolate bars in flow packs. The special version FPC5-Tabs is available for products made of compressed powder such as dishwasher tabs, stock cubes and effervescent tablets.

    Output (max): 1,200 products/min
    Features: High speed wrapping of jelly and filled chocolate through gentle product handling | Modular design enables a fast change of product size and / or wrapping style | Pick & Place feeding for products without flat bottom (balls, eggs, characters)

    Flexible high-speed wrapping machine for different packaging styles

    Flexible high-speed wrapping machine for different packaging styles.