Not only machines – our wrapping systems

The combination of our reliable packaging machines and various feeding and storage components allows us to offer sophisticated and customised systems for primary wrapping.

Moreover, Theegarten-Pactec acts as a system provider for the packaging of confectionery products in cooperation with market leaders of process equipment and secondary packaging. The experts cooperate and implement all components in one production line—from feeding and wrapping to secondary packaging. By combining the different machine portfolios, customers benefit from collective expertise.

Choose Theegarten-Pactec as your partner for integrated process solutions.

Wrapping system for hard boiled candies

Wrapping system comprising:

  • Circulating feeding and distribution conveyors with integrated buffer function
  • Flow wrapping machines FPH2
  • Collection and discharge conveyors for wrapped product

Alternatively twist wrapping machines (EK3, EK4) can be connected to such systems.

Wrapping system for hard and soft candies

Multi-Flavour Wrapping System consisting of:

  • High performance wrapping machines WHF2 for forming, cutting and wrapping of chewing mass of different flavours
  • Cooling tunnels and storage belts for any flavour
  • nput and grouping facilities to create the flavour-based product order
  • Flow pack wrapping machines FPC4 for wrapping the flavour-based sticks

Wrapping system for moulded chocolate products

Wrapping System comprising:

  • Distribution system with integrated fan type buffer
  • Infeed and synchronisation conveyors for the wrapping machines
  • Wrapping machines U1- CT for envelope fold style

Alternatively machines for other wrapping styles can be connected to such systems (U1-C, EU7, EL11, CWM, CHD, FPC,…).


System components

Quality in every detail

All of the packaging machines can be combined with a variety of system components. find out more

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